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Logistics Certifications

Murphy holds logistics certifications in several areas related to industry, safety, food safety, and food security.


The Safe Quality Food (SQF) certification promotes the company’s Food Safety and Defense Programs throughout the logistics process. The certification focuses on the safe handling, storage, distribution and transportation of food products within the supply chain. This high-level certification is known to be one of the more rigorous in the food handling industry. Murphy has obtained level two of three, with plans are already in place to certify to level three in the coming years. These logistics certifications are a big step in maintaining safe, peak performance in our food grade warehouses. All SQF Facilities are GFSI certified.

Minnesota Warehouses

Missouri Warehouses


Minnesota Warehouses

  • Corporate Headquarters and Logistics Campus
    701 24th Ave. SE
    Minneapolis, MN 55414
  • Fridley Distribution Center
    4850 Main Street NE
    Fridley, MN 55421
  • Fridley Distribution Center
    4700 Main Street NE
    Fridley, MN 55421
  • Shakopee Distribution Center
    901 Canterbury Rd.
    Shakopee, MN 55379
  • Eagan Distribution Center
    905 Yankee Doodle Rd.
    Eagan, MN 55121
  • New Hope Warehouse
    5201 Winnetka Ave. N
    New Hope, MN 55427
  • St. Paul Distribution Center
    355 E. 8th St.
    St. Paul, MN 55101
  • Roseville Distribution Center
    2929 Long Lake Rd.
    Roseville, MN 55114

Missouri Warehouses

  • Warren Distribution Center
    1500 Warren Street
    Kansas City, MO 64116
  • Warren Distribution Center
    1902 Warren Street
    Kansas City, MO 64116
  • Stilwell Distribution Center
    6000 Stilwell St. N.
    Kansas City, MO 64120
  • Executive Distribution Center
    6600 Executive Dr.
    Kansas City, MO 64114


  • Murphy Warehouse is FDA/USDA certified in all of our logistics warehouses.  The FDA and the USDA have combined forces to protect customer product, and enhance food safety and food security in food grade warehouses.  Murphy follows all USDA, FDA, and HACCP requirements to provide safe food grade storage for our customers.


  • Murphy’s Good Manufacturing Practices are certified by an inspection and posted throughout all of our Logistics Campuses in the Minnesota and Missouri.


  • Murphy follows all HACCP policies and procedures throughout all of our warehouses in Minnesota and Missouri.


Most organic products pass through the hands of at least one middleman handler. Only certified organic handlers that meet organic standards under the USDA National Organic Program may handle organic products.

Processors and handlers must develop an Organic System Plan (OSP) which describes the manufacturing or handling process, the products being made or handled, their sanitation and pest management programs, their packaging and labeling plans, and the type of documentation that will be maintained. (NOP §205.201)

Facilities must be able to prevent the commingling of organic and nonorganic products and ingredients and to prevent contact of organically produced products or ingredients with prohibited substances. (NOP §205.272)


The Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry recognizes companies that exceed federal OSHA safety standards through the Safety and Health Achievement Recognition Program (MnSHARP). This program encourages small, high-hazard employers like a warehousing and logistics firm, to implement and maintain exemplary safety and health management systems for their workplace and for employees. Murphy continues to meet all of the eligibility criteria and ongoing program requirements for MnSHARP. This keeps our employees and your product safe in our warehouses.

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