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Warehouse and Distribution Services

Ensure your stock and on-time delivery with Murphy’s warehouse and distribution services

Order warehouse and distribution services are vital pillars of success for many businesses. Murphy is a leader in this space with our network of commercial warehousing third-party logistic (3PL) distribution centers throughout Minnesota.

Efficient and effective supply chain management requires technical skills and a strong network of logistics partners. At Murphy, we seamlessly integrate different components of your logistics chain so you can focus on what you do best. We offer a wide range of customizable warehouse and distribution services, along with custom storage designed to support your business needs and company growth.

Why Do You Need a Fulfillment Partner?

Remaining competitive in the fast-paced world of modern retail necessitates not only intelligent logistics but also a strategic partnership with an expert fulfillment service provider. These service providers take care of the challenging responsibilities of storing, painstakingly packing, shipping, and even handling refunds on your behalf, greatly enhancing the operational effectiveness of your company.

The knowledge of these experts spans a broad range of warehouse and distribution services that are specially designed to satisfy your particular needs. This includes rapid and precise inventory management to make sure your goods are always on hand to satisfy client demand. Your clients will receive their orders promptly thanks to efficient order processing and shipping processes. Working with a trustworthy warehouse and distribution services provider of order fulfillment services is essential for success in business.

Murphy Logistics warehouse and distribution services

At Murphy Logistics, we offer state-of-the-art 3PL distribution centers that provide smart inventory allocation, customized kitting and assembly, time-bound postponement, and efficient reverse logistics. We provide everything you need under one roof, including:

  • Stocking Services: This is where we get the products from you and stock them in our over 3 million square feet of warehousing and distribution space across North America. Our state-of-the-art 3PL distribution centers are equipped to handle food grade, medical grade, consumer goods, and industrial products.
  • Inventory Management Services: We provide you with customizable inventory management systems that help track your warehouse inventory and cross-dock products with real-time monitoring. 
  • Value-Added Services: If you wish to outsource that last leg of product assembly, we provide kitting and assembly services, marketing inserts, and small parcel packaging to help your products cost-effectively.
  • Shipping Services: We work round the clock with our custom warehousing solutions to pick and pack your products as soon as your customer places the order.
  • Reverse Logistics/Recycling Services: Returns are an essential facet of customer satisfaction. We provide reverse logistics services for every kind of product.
  • Order Picking: Seamlessly retrieving orders by lot/SKU/serial number allows for confidence in packing, shipping, and fulfillment.
  • Cross-docking and Transloading: We strategically move intact pallets between trucks or sort and reorganize pallets for the next steps in your delivery.
  • Assembly: If you need help with the assembly of your products before delivery, our team can offer light assembly services.
  • Kitting: Organizing and compiling individual parts or components to allow for delivery of full orders is a value-added part of our warehouse and distribution services.

The Murphy Edge: Why Choose Us as Your Distribution Partner

At Murphy, we are in the business of understanding our customers. Many of the 250+ companies we work with have unique requirements, including needs as diverse as international logistics, custom kitting and assembly, rigging services, or rail logistics. Our strength comes from working with different industries, serving the region as the only General Purpose Free Trade Zone (119), and exploring the uniqueness of every product that we ship. We are proud to serve both Fortune 500 enterprises and small-scale start-ups with the same passion.

With our coast-to-coast warehousing and logistics partners and more than 100 years in the industry, we are always ready to give your e-commerce fulfillment and distribution service needs the unique touch they deserve. Save your warehouse space for what you do best and partner with one of the Upper Midwest’s leading warehouse and distribution services providers today.